Dear Fellow Citizens,

Over the last few months, during our door to door campaign, my team and I have been touring the city, to meet our fellow citizens. Throughout this exercise, we have been discussing the issues that concern them, as well as their ideas and wishes for the Brossard of tomorrow. Our fundamental value is to listen to our citizens. This exercise began on the day that the party was created and the results that we are presenting to you today represent many hours, days, weeks and months of consultation with our citizens as well as the feedback from the relevant industry leaders. The BROSSARD ENSEMBLE movement has been growing because we believe that we can only only move forward together.

For over a year now, we have been fighting hard to change the political climate at City Hall. Fighting to ensure that the management of our city is accomplished in an efficient, effective and fair manner. Fighting to turn the page on the partisan bickering that has overtaken City Hall for many years now. Since the beginning of this election campaign, we have been presenting our innovative and concrete vision for our city and you may have noticed that our opponents have also adopted some of our basic ideas.


– We promise to implement the ISO standard for anti-corruption at City Hall;
– We are committed to listening to our citizens and to moving the public market to a more appropriate location;
– We will provide access to the river by improving our infrastructure at the waterfront;
– We will ensure that we have increased security in our streets.

Today, we are pleased to share the fruits of the thousands of meetings and consultations that we have been having with our citizens, and guided by the numerous industry experts who have been consulting our team throughout this exercise. I invite you to consult our platform by downloading the PDF attachment, and if you believe, as we do, in the potential of Brossard, I invite you to join our “Movement towards the future!”

For this program to be successful, you will need a strong and united team that is at your service. Unlike some of my opponents, I live full time in Brossard and my family life is deeply ingrained in our local community. I also have intricate knowledge of the operational and admninistrative processes of our city. My experience and expertise will allow me to, immediately, take a leading role in guiding the major development projects that are on their way, such as the Light Rail System (REM) and the revitalization of the Taschereau Boulevard. Moreover, as opposed each of my opponents, I have shown an unwavering sense of ethics, without exception.

On ICI Radio Canada Première we heard recently that there is a “wind of change blowing in Brossard” and that the Mayoralty race is between the outgoing Mayor and Doreen Assaad. This radio segment describes what we have been hearing on the ground during this election campaign and I invite you to listen to the Radio Canada clip by clicking here.

On November 5th, let’s join our voices together to vote for Brossard Ensemble, to turn the page on the past and to look to the future.

Thank you,

Doreen Assaad

Leader of Brossard Ensemble and Mayoral Candidate


450 800-9900





Dear Citizens of Brossard,

I would like to introduce myself: My name is Doreen Assaad, and I have been a Municipal Councillor in the City of Brossard for the last eight years. I would like to become your newly 

elected Mayor by making a commitment to be accessible, competent, personable and determined.

As you may be aware, there is a dysfunction in the current city council, and this situation has contributed to a rise in cynicism of our residents towards our elected officials. The status quo is not the solution! It’s time to clean things up at City Hall and to restore your confidence in our institution. Over the next four years, I want to be recognized as the mayor who has established a clear consultation process with our citizens, the Mayor that strives to create synergy, the Mayor that brings people together as opposed to the Mayor that divides people.

The BROSSARD ENSEMBLE team is, both, experienced and multi-generational. Its members are representative of our population as well as being humanistic, family oriented and respectful of our citizens. This is what you are entitled to expect from your future Mayor as well as the BROSSARD ENSEMBLE team.

The word TOGETHER, by itself, embodies ALL of the changes that your new city council will bring to your door for the the next mandate, from 2017 to 2021. TOGETHER means working as a team. We are fuelling the development of your quality of life and promoting a positive image of Brossard. This means that the time for sterile bickering between politicians is over. Nobody appreciates these conflicts. You deserve to live in a city where there is a constructive dynamic with each of the relevant partners.

We will offer you a true transparent, open and attentive ear.

The team of women and men who have created BROSSARD ENSEMBLE with me want things to move differently in Brossard, and to build a modern city in your image. Your new municipal council will be your voice, the voice that will have your interests at heart, and the voice that will promote those interests for you.

I am proud to present BROSSARD ENSEMBLE’s electoral program to you for the upcoming municipal elections. TOGETHER let’s elect on, November 5th, the only party that can restore the city of Brossard’s nobility!

Best regards,

Doreen Assaad,

Leader of BROSSARD ENSEMBLE—Team Doreen Assaad



Our electoral program was formulated with our prioritized themes in mind.

The first theme, is heavily citizen oriented, and is of tremendous importance. This theme concerns the attitudes and the values that will guide the gestures and actions of each member of the BROSSARD ENSEMBLE TEAM:

  • Listening attentively to the citizens in each of the ten districts
  • Committing to working as a team
  • Vision
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

Our other themes, and of particular interest, is the theme of Brossard’s standing within the agglomeration of Longueuil, will also be detailed within our electoral platform. Our goal is to dynamically adjust to certain situations, consolidate current achievements and, above all, be innovative with our management style.. We will be continuously looking at the best municipal practices for each of the chosen themes.

You will notice that some of our proposed measures represent our electoral commitments, while some of the other measures are actually proposals or improvements that we are bringing forward for validation with the citizens.

With the BROSSARD ENSEMBLE team, your city will be proud, better and more ambitious. Through its proactive management approach, the new municipal council will rise to the challenge of building towards a Brossard that is inspiring, avant-garde, with elevated quality of life as well as with a highly sustainable development standard.

The Citizen, at the Heart of Our Priorities

For BROSSARD ENSEMBLE, it is a priority to re-establish the bond of trust with you, the citizen. For this to happen, many things must change.

On too many occasions, our citizens have not been welcome at the various public assemblies. On too many occasions, citizens’ requests have remained unanswered by the current Mayor. But how can we explain the silence of each of the six elected members of the Mayor’s party?

For BROSSARD ENSEMBLE, you are already at the centre of the priorities of the new Municipal Council as well as its administration. Our bias is already towards you, the citizen.


  1. Adopt a “citizen” participation policy as well as to evaluate the feasibility of establishing a public consultation office. The goal will be to ensure that our citizens’ opinions are being taken into consideration within the city’s global strategic objectives. While providing efficient access to information, this policy also aims to protect citizens’ referendum rights;
  2. Propose the creation of an “Ombudsman for Citizens Protection”;
  3. Commit to organizing periodic meetings with the citizens who wish to speak informally with the Mayor or the Councillors;
  4. Commit to publishing the agenda of the Mayor and her team for the activities that are related to municipal functions. This agenda will also include schedules for the informal monthly citizen meetings;
  5. Commit to apply the principle of a “biased slant” towards the citizens;
  6. Commit to ensuring that the culture of “service to citizens” is applied effectively across the board for all of the city’s services. In this respect, measurable satisfaction indicators will be gathered from the affected citizens to reforming the internal by-laws of the municipal council, particularly, by adding a second question period for citizens at the end of each council meeting.

Family, Culture, Recreation and Safety

These themes are time sensitive, and must respect the diversity of our families. As we know, Brossard stands out for its multiculturalism:

The pulse, lifestyle, in addition to the presence of fifty-seven cultural communities have allowed Brossard to be named the most multicultural city in Quebec.

(reference: city of Brossard website)

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE recognizes that the harmony that has always existed within the various cultural communities is the fruit of the labour of its diverse population.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE aims to provide the city with a more humanistic approach, in addition to a soul and identity of its own.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will implement various concrete measures to protect and promote our quality of life.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE aims to enhance the security of our citizens.



        1. Propose to accelerate the “Master Implementation Plan” for the outdoor recreational facilities in our parks by ensuring that they meet the requirements of the various  user groups. infrastructure such as: the installation of multi-generational equipment, (water games, refrigerated skating rinks, cricket fields, tennis courts, petanque fields, etc.);
        2. Commit to making the appropriate representations to the agglomeration for the installation of a local police station in Brossard, to implement various speed reduction security measures in our streets, as well as to improve the lighting of our pedestrian pathways;
        3. Propose to increase city grants to the various non-profit organizations (NPOs) in the city;
        4. Commit to the relocation of the public market, which is currently located on Boulevard Rome;
        5. Commit to providing our senior citizens with a functional service centre this is tailored to their needs;
        6. Commit to the implementation of a community consultation table (senior citizens, families, cultural communities, Non-Profit Organizations, etc.);
        7. Propose to establish a sports and healthy living policy and to ensure that our sporting and recreational facilities are consistent with the latest quality and accessibility standards. In support of this policy, BROSSARD ENSEMBLE proposes to review our Memoranda of understanding with the various school boards;
        8. Propose to introduce welcome measures for newcomers who join our extended Brossard family (a supper + a guided tour + a neighbourhood party + a sponsorship programinitiative);
        9. Propose to facilitate festive events and activities of high quality and visibility. Events that would bring Brossard to the provincial and national stages. As an incentive, popular gatherings and activities will be organized;

Governance and Powers

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will demonstrate leadership and determination so that the city becomes a dynamic and unavoidable player in the agglomeration of Longueuil, the Montreal Metropolitan Community, the Longueuil Transportation Network (RTL) and the new Regional Authority for Metropolitan Transport  (ARTM).

The city of Brossard must consolidate and develop strategic partnerships with the different levels of government by being present, active and constructive with the various authorities. This will be the case as well with the various Non-Profit Organizations.



        1. Commit to adopt an anti-corruption management system by implementing the ISO 37,001 standard. Subsequently, all of the city’s management policies and regulations will be reviewed in accordance with the findings and recommendations that standard;
        2. Ensure that the Code of Ethics for elected officials and public servants is well understood in order to ensure that the integrity and transparency in all of our actions are well respected;
        3. Commit to update the city’s Governance and Human Resources Management Policies, thereby ensuring that all of our available human resources are optimized, with the elimination of undue influences. BROSSARD ENSEMBLE intends to utilize the city’s internal expertise in order to eliminate superfluous external expenses;
        4. Commit to develop across the board performance indices for each of our services;
        5. Commit to find and focus on best practices in municipal governance;
        6. Propose to exceed the Government of Quebec guidelines by enhancing our accountability process for the benefit of enhanced citizen oriented transparency;
        7. Commit to implement a policy of partnership and consultation with the various levels of government which have organizations in the city of Brossard;
        8. Commit to establishing a financial monitoring committee consisting of elected officials and citizens, as well as considering the hiring an Auditor General;
        9. Commit to regulate, in a transparent manner, the salaries paid to elected officials;
        10. Propose to establish a policy aimed at limiting the number of consecutive Mayoral mandates.

Agglomeration of Longueuil

Old, multi-year, problems, originating from each side of Brossard’s political spectrum, by the negative attitudes of the two previous Mayors have produced detrimental results to our political environment. Upon observing this sequence of events, we, at BROSSARD ENSEMBLE, have noticed that the two previous Mayors have been practising several highly ineffective with regards to third- party negotiations: one was using the “empty chair” policy and the other was in perpetual confrontation mode.

There is every reason to believe that there has never been a real desire to rectify this political climate. This is a situation that has been tarnishing the image of Brossard for a long time now. The result is that the energies employed by our elected officials have only served to maintain a warlike climate with Brossard’s other stakeholders.

Citizens deserve better!

These abrasive and toxic management styles have contributed directly to the loss of Brossard’s initial role as an unavoidable leader within the agglomeration. In order to render the agglomeration functional, the Provincial government had only one alternative available to them, and that was to amend its own law. Brossard thus lost its veto right, and this has greatly diminishing our power of influence to be able to control our destiny.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE believes that the two previous mayors worked harder to increase their political capital for their own re-election campaigns, than to serve the city’s best interests. These old style attitudes served only to enrich the various lawyers and communication firms that the city has had to employ. How much money have these strategies cost the citizens of Brossard?

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE acknowledges that the current law contains certain articles permitting for contractual validation or renegotiation for the benefit of the principle of “fair value for a fair price.”

Given that the agglomeration of Longueuil will have a new political composition after the upcoming elections in November, BROSSARD ENSEMBLE firmly believes in the concept of initiating a new, win-win and respectful negotiation process. BROSSARD ENSEMBLE firmly believes that the achievement of equity will require a greater measure of transparency from both sides of the political spectrum.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will settle the controversy. In reality, the issue is of leadership, determination and real will. We have the leader and the team to make the necessary changes. We have the strategic game plan to achieve the desired results. The agglomeration of Longueuil is here to stay, despite the nostalgia of a previous era!

While remaining transparent and pragmatic, we will ensure that we receive Brossard’s fair share of the agglomeration services at the right cost for the benefit of our citizens. As the current situation is not acceptable, and therefore not workable, to the citizens of Brossard, we will achieve a win-win agreement with the Agglomeration of Longueuil.




        1. Commit to obtaining a series of special meetings with the various mayors within the Agglomeration, in order to negotiate a functional agreement that will guarantee a fair share of services at a fair cost;
        2. Commit to being a participative and strategic player within the agglomeration;
        3. Within the framework of the “Citizen Participation Policy,” undertake a public consultation with the citizens of Brossard;
        4. Commit to meet with the Minister of Municipal Affairs to raise awareness of our interests.


BROSSARD, a City of Tomorrow, a Sustainable City


The city of tomorrow has an obligation to be eco-responsible. It must preserve and enhance the environment and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life. Based on global best practices, BROSSARD ENSEMBLE is committed to, concretely, update all of the “Eco-Responsibility” principles at the city level and in partnership with the various players in the field.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE is committed to ensuring the sustainability of our natural environment as well as to rendering them easily accessible to the public;

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE wants our city to assume a leadership role in relations to Quebec’s other municipalities. The city of Brossard will become a more citizen oriented, welcoming and forward thinking municipality. It will be a city that is sensitive to the needs of its citizens.

We will do what is necessary to translate this strategic orientation to our exceptional territory. We must continue to take concrete actions that will enable you to live in harmony with nature.

Located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, Brossard has an exceptional geographical situation! Yet our shoreline is not easily accessible to our citizens. It is still difficult to understand why an accessible shoreline has never been a priority to previous administrations.




              1. Propose to provide the appropriate infrastructure to make the shoreline of the St. Lawrence River accessible to its citizens. The new city council will achieve this by working with its partners to develop recreational infrastructures which will favour aquatic activities with ecological connotations (wharf, urban fishing, canoeing, kayaking, Yoga, water sports, etc.);
              2. Propose the creation of a BIOPARC within Brossard’s outdoor recreation area, the “centre de plein-air”.  Sites reserved as a nature observatory site and as a nature interpretation site will also be proposed in order to promote ecological awareness of our local environment;
              3. Commit to implementing Brossard’s first “Urban Agriculture Policy”, based on best practices. Brossard will support, guide and encourage citizen initiatives to this effect;
              4. Propose to improve the city’s management performance with regards to waste collection and waste disposal, while, simultaneously, adapting waste collection management to the needs of citizens.
              5. Propose to implement noise mitigation measures along streets adjacent to highways.

Economic development, urban planning and transport

Brossard is dedicated to a flourishing economic future. As influential actors, BROSSARD ENSEMBLE has been following the emergence of the upcoming mega projects. The development of the territory will be implemented in accordance with the principles of “Sustainable Urban Planning”, in order to reconcile urban development with transportation requirements.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE does not think that the various mega projects should define the future of our city. An escalation of some of current issues may arise. Issues such as traffic congestion, including the issues related to the intersections of highways 10 and 30, must be taken into account right at the planning stage. These are serious issues that cannot be neglected with the excitement of an expanding city.

We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. Mistakes such as the area around the Panama bus station, or those of the area around the Longueuil metro.

We want to be the leaders of this development in our territory, to send clear signals to our investors, and be an influential actor with the Government of Quebec and its Ministry of Transport.

Economic growth is an important factor in the development of the City of Brossard. We see the important role that SMEs play in contributing to the well-being and quality of life of our citizens. They generate the vast majority of our jobs. Faced with this enviable situation, BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will seize the opportunity and will position the city to maintain and create jobs. It is possible to live in Brossard, to work here and to, simultaneously, avoid the interminable traffic jams!

We firmly believe that working towards this direction will enhance the quality of life for your families, while continuing to promote a healthy environment. BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will put its efforts to enhance business support and development, in addition to establishing the appropriate environment to enable for a diversification of different sectors of excellence.




        1. Commit to appointing an Economic and Industrial commissioner to maintain, attract and create wealth and well-paying jobs;
        2. Propose to organize a forum that will include each of the economic players in the community, with particular emphasis placed on the collaboration with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Brossard Business Association, as well as with other relevant stakeholders;
        3. Propose to investigate the possibility of providing Brossard with a centre of excellence for learning: a mentorship program, a CEGEP, a university cluster;
        4. Propose the development of a social economy by supporting local initiatives;
        5. Commit to taking concrete actions for the development of Boulevard Taschereau, in conjunction with the development of the REM, as well as the adjacent urban areas, thereby, creating a new urban environment;
        6. Propose to revise the criteria for pedestrian crossings as well as the ability for right turns at traffic lights;
        7. Propose to promote the use of public and active transport by ensuring that the RTL improves its inter-city service offer to the important South Shore hubs (hospitals, CEGEPs, business centres, etc.);
        8. Commit to implement a strategic monitoring mechanism with regards to our transportation services in all of its forms, as well as for future public transport expansion linked to the REM;
        9. Commit to promote with its partners an incentive pricing for public transit, thus encouraging its

Budget, finances and taxation

All of us recognize that Brossard is developing by leaps and bounds and that mega-projects such as Dix-30, REM and SOLAR will continue on this trend. This will generate incremental revenues as well as incremental spending. BROSSARD ENSEMBLE recognizes that our city will be achieving its full tax potential within the next few years.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE also believes that we must not be overly excited by a short-term financial adjustment. We must now, more than ever before, establish a sound fiscal strategy to go along with our new urban expansion.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE has noticed that there have been significant budgetary overruns over the last few years: increased debt, decreased surpluses, attorneys’ and communications fees.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE has observed, as well, that as of the beginning of the of the current mayor’s mandate, there have been troubling instability issues with some of the City Hall’s administrative staff members. There are financial implications associated with such turbulence. In addition to this, there has been a serious loss of expertise and delays due to the onboarding and training of replacement staff. The time has come to restore a healthy working climate at city hall.

It is evident that BROSSARD ENSEMBLE must regain control of our expenses to be able to put an end to this unjustified hemorrhaging of our hard-earned tax dollars. Rather than hiring external consulting firms, our city needs to focus on our own internal expertise.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE considers it to be entirely irresponsible and disrespectful of our citizens to commit to the recent infrastructure projects funded, in part, by our accumulated surpluses. Our surpluses could have been used to reduce our city’s debt load or for our local projects.

Taking this into account, BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will ensure that our citizen’s tax burden does not exceed our ability to pay. BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will ensure that the next few years will bring together the optimal conditions to reduce this tax burden, leaving an enhanced financial latitude for our families and SMEs.

BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will demonstrate this courage and will show that we are an example to be followed by other municipalities.




        1. Commit to reducing the city’s operating costs by validating and optimizing its administrative processes while improving the level of service;
        2. As part of the progress of files for each neighbourhood, propose to carry out a study with regards to the decentralization of certain budgetary items;
        3. Commit to freeze our municipal taxes for the years 2018 and 2019. Our fiscal policy will be adjusted in accordance with the Statements of Results for the upcoming two years and in collaboration with our citizens;
        4. Commit to ensuring that programs and projects put in place respect deadlines, costs and quality (example: City Hall);
        5. Commit to require, at all times, public accountability from third- party contractors as well as their administrative departments;
        6. Commit to ensuring the sustainability of the “User / Payer” principle, while maintaining our support for the disadvantaged.