Doreen Assaad




Mrs. Assaad is a graduate of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Montreal. She has worked as a Business Optimization Specialist for many large corporations, such as the Desjardins Group, CN Rail and Bombardier Aerospace. Doreen also holds a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process.

Resident of Brossard for the last fifteen years, it is for her love of her city that she had decided to join the municipal political scene. A city councillor since 2009, Doreen has a long track record of always putting families and citizens at the heart of Brossard’s priorities.

Mrs. Assaad has served on numerous City Council committees, including the Family and Seniors Committee, the Intercultural Committee, the Advisory Environment and the Sustainable Development Committee, and the Urban Planning Advisory Committee. As such, she has worked to put in place new policies to improve the quality of life of Brossard’s citizens and believes that political goals can be achieved in a more constructive manner and in a manner that is aligned with the wishes of our citizens.




Doreen is married and has three children. Among her favorite activities are running, yoga and walking with the family dog Charlie.