Dear citizens of Brossard,

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to the BROSSARD ENSEMBLE website. BROSSARD ENSEMBLE will be your voice to defend your interests at City Hall.

For quite some time now the city of Brossard has had the unfortunate experience of making headline news in the media for the wrong reasons. With the status quo no longer possible, a new party, in the name of BROSSARD ENSEMBLE, has been created to bring order to the affairs at City Hall and to provide a better alternative to our citizens.

The dedicated team of men and women who have created BROSSARD ENSEMBLE with me also feel that the time for change in Brossard is now. Now is the time to re-direct the administration of our city to reflect the values and wishes of our citizens.

Please visit our website on a regular basis. In the upcoming months I will present to you, our citizens, the candidates of BROSSARD ENSEMBLE that will represent you at city hall. I will also be presenting our ideas and our political platform, for the fall election season of 2017.

Let us all work together to make this new project a success. Together, with BROSSARD ENSEMBLE, for a city that is in tune to your needs and in cooperation with you!

Doreen Assaad

Chief, BROSSARD ENSEMBLE – Team Doreen Assaad

Brossard Ensemble Doreen Assaad

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