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BROSSARD, June 1, 2017 – Councillor Doreen Assaad and leader of BROSSARD ENSEMBLE announces that the councillors Pierre Jetté and Claudio Benedetti are joining the Brossard Ensemble team for the municipal elections of November 5th.

“Facing an administration that has lost its credibility, this announcement marks a positive shift for the population of Brossards hope for unique change at city hall. Councillors Benedetti and Jetté share the same vision of our city as I do. With their extensive experience, they are important assets to the team of men and women that I will be presenting to realign our priorities at city hall”, said Ms. Assaad.

“For a year now, Ms. Assaad and I have worked closely at city council on a number of files,” said Mr. Jetté. I have come to realize that Doreen works with extreme rigor, honesty and integrity. I am pleased to be part of a unifying, inclusive and mobilizing movement that will work for today and tomorrow’s Brossard. Doreen represents a much needed breath of fresh air for change, with a leadership style that emphasizes active citizen participation at City Hall. “Pierre Jetté has extensive experience as a director of one of the largest school boards in Quebec. His financial knowledge as well as his much appreciated wisdom will be a major asset for the team”.

“I am very pleased to join Doreen Assaad’s team,” said Benedetti. She and I share the same goal of placing the citizen as the priority of the decision making process. Since the creation of BROSSARD ENSEMBLE, Doreen has managed to stand out quickly by holding the Leduc administration accountable for its various decisions. I am convinced that she has the leadership skill-set to become the next mayor of Brossard. “Claudio Benedetti is an engineer, university professor and author of numerous books dealing with, among other topics, Operational Management. Claudio Benedetti possesses a keen and analytical mind. Claudio’s experience at the municipal council level will be a strong tool for the team”.


Source : BROSSARD ENSEMBLE – Équipe Doreen Assaad

Information : Jean-Virgile Tassé-Themens 514 433-3224


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